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My Sweet Darling - Baby/Kid's Gift Hamper
My Sweet Darling - Baby/Kid's Gift Hamper
My Sweet Darling - Baby/Kid's Gift Hamper
My Sweet Darling - Baby/Kid's Gift Hamper
My Sweet Darling - Baby/Kid's Gift Hamper
My Sweet Darling - Baby/Kid's Gift Hamper
Load image into Gallery viewer, My Sweet Darling - Baby/Kid's Gift Hamper
Load image into Gallery viewer, My Sweet Darling - Baby/Kid's Gift Hamper
Load image into Gallery viewer, My Sweet Darling - Baby/Kid's Gift Hamper
Load image into Gallery viewer, My Sweet Darling - Baby/Kid's Gift Hamper
Load image into Gallery viewer, My Sweet Darling - Baby/Kid's Gift Hamper
Load image into Gallery viewer, My Sweet Darling - Baby/Kid's Gift Hamper
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My Sweet Darling - Baby/Kid's Gift Hamper

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The arrival of a beautiful newborn is a momentous occasion. This gift hamper is tastefully curated with healthy, all-natural essentials to match this important event! The Sweet Darling hamper is suitable for babies from 0-2 years old but if needed, can be upgradable to a toddler version for children aged 3-4.


New parents will appreciate the Petit Tippi pacifier clippers that pair easily with any outfit and any pacifier. The set includes a teether that is the perfect size for little babies to grip and put in their mouth, it’s perfect for practicing gross motor skills and soothing tiny gums. If you are gifting a toddler, you can substitute with a silicone suction bowl and bibset. Made of 100% FDA-certified food-grade silicone, the strong suction base allows you to have a tidier feed. Tthe bowl can be frozen, steamed or boiled making it perfect for food storage and reheating. Choose from a beautiful array of colours that will brighten any kitchen and make mealtime more fun and colourful. The gift hamper also includes the famous original Jellycat soft toy!


Last but not least, we have included in our very own Naked Lab baby cot sheet - which is our very first product ever - or a kids bedding set if the recipient is older. Both are made from BambooSilk using 100% organic bamboo. The super-soft weave is hypoallergenic and certified free from harmful chemicals to provide the perfect environment for the little ones to dive into their sweetest dreams. We also offer complimentary bespoke embroidery on the sheets for that extra thoughtful touch!

1 x Naked Lab Baby Cot Sheet ($480) or Kids Bedding Set ($920)*
1 x Complimentary Bespoke Embroideries on Cot Sheet or Bedding ($90)
1 x Petit Tippi Pacifier Clipper + Teether Set ($288) or Silicon Suction Bowl + Feeding Pocket Bibs Pack ($346)
1 x JellyCat Soft Toy ($340)

*Gift receiver can exchange bedding sizes as long as they are under good conditions (See our return & exchange policy in our FAQ)

To preserve their integrity, please keep these tips in mind as you wash your sheets:

●     Never use any products that contain bleaching agents, optical brighteners or fabric softeners. These products will break down the composition of the bamboo fabric or remove the dye colour and impact the durability of your sheets.

●     It is strongly recommended to bring to dry clean. But if you wish to wash it yourself, you can keep your bamboo duvet in optimal condition by washing them alone so they don’t mingle with rough fabrics that can snag the material.

●     If possible, line-dry your sheets with natural sunlight, lay them flat and pat them gently so the fiber inside will be stick together due to moisture.

●     As our fabric is all-natural and not treated with any chemicals, it may experience slight pilling during initial use in response to friction, however this is removable or can be reduced through the washing and drying process.

●      Try to use eco-friendly laundry detergent to minimize the impact of laundry chemicals on our environment.

At NakedLab, we are committed to changing the way you sleep for the better, through products that promote good health and sustainability. We may not realise it but many things in our lives are potentially dangerous for our health and too often, those things are too close for comfort. Your sheets, bedding, and duvet are among the things that should be safe to use on a daily basis. We want to make it easy to access comfortable, ethically sourced bedding essentials that you can feel confident and secure sleeping in.

Our commitment to your best rest and to our environment extends from our Oeko-Tex certified bamboo sets, to our zero-waste packaging, to our closed-loop process which utilises leftover fabric for eye masks and hair accessories, to our biodegradable mailers. Sleep with complete peace of mind knowing there’s nothing we uphold more than your health and the wellbeing of your family and our environment.

Our product is monitored, inspected and certified;
Soft like silk
Thermal Regulated
Anti Bacterial
Doesn't Fade
Strong and durable

Softest sheets ever

These sheets come in gorgeous colours and by far the softest bedsheets we've ever used. After a long day there's nothing better than relaxing and drifting off to sleep between these sheets!

-Gemma S.
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Bamboosilk in action


Naturally Low Maintenance

While cotton is a commonly used fabric, what’s less known is its adverse impact on the planet. Cotton is responsible for much of the world’s water and pesticide use, putting a massive strain on our environment. This is where bamboo shines through as a sustainable and earth-friendly alternative to cotton. Bamboo grows rapidly on its own, without the need for fertilizer or pesticides that can damage the environment, and relies on far less water and manpower than cotton. And because it grows upward, bamboo does not require as much land to cultivate as well.

Good for your sleep and the environment

For us, comfort shouldn’t come at an environmental cost. Bamboo has many amazing qualities that benefit humans and the environment. Bamboo’s low carbon footprint makes it an easy ecological choice. Bamboo growth nourishes the earth, absorbing carbon dioxide that creates greenhouse gases, and releasing oxygen that refreshes the air. Bamboo is also completely biodegradable so goes right back into the earth, not a landfill.

Conscientious comfort

NakedLab uses only organically grown bamboo and our fabric is produced using a closed-loop process, minimizing waste and natural resources. Unlike cotton, bamboo fibers are hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, so your sheets smell better longer and are more absorbent and breathable than even organic cotton. Not only is bamboo softer than cotton, it’s cooler too -- the structure of bamboo fiber allows for it to naturally regulate temperature, keeping you dry and comfortable all year round. You can sleep soundly knowing your comfort is clean and sustainably made.

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Rachel N.
Hong Kong Hong Kong
Good service & customer service

staff reacted quickly to answer my question

Hong Kong SAR China
perfect gift

I gave this for my niece as a present with her name embroidered. she's OVER THE MOON!

Hong Kong
Lots of surprises included!!

The baby girl loves the smoothness of the sheets and the parents get to enjoy the peach tea that was an added surprise!! Awesome!!


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